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Leverage our deep lending knowledge to serve your borrowers better.

Options! Options! Options!

Gain access to the vast portfolio of lender relationships we have developed.

Our Experience works for you

Rely on us and reduce the stress. Just give us the borrower details and leave us to do the rest.

Clarity and Communication

Our goal is to provide great customer service to reduce confusion throughout the process.

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Who we look for as referral partners?

You have worked hard to build relationships and trust in your community. Because of these ties, others reach out to you for help to line up financing for their real estate deals. However, you don't have the capacity to dedicate resources to see these deals through, so you call us.

We have designed a partnership program for high volume referrals that streamline the loan approval process and leaves you free to do what you do best:

Building relationships.

Fast Pre-Approvals

Same-day pre-approvals with supporting credit documentation.

Priority Processing

The processing department works to ensure that your deals are prioritized.

Dedicated Team

Your deals are important to us and are handled by senior leads at every level.

Get paid fast

We send your commission to you within 24 hours of funding confirmation from the title company.

Let Us Make Your Job Easier!

Just send us the initial loan application and what your borrower is looking to do and we will do the rest.

Referral Program FAQs

Does Western Capital deal with my borrower directly?

Yes. Once the loan terms are agreed upon by all parties, we prefer to just deal with the borrower directly to gather all the remaining underwriting conditions and see the loan process through to close. We find this to be the most efficient way to work, minimizing delays stemming from miscommunications. We pull you in as needed should issues arise and we make sure to review final terms before closing. We want this process to be simple for all parties, so just relax, we keep you posted on status all throughout the process.

How does this work?

Please call us at 877.451.1641 to discuss what your borrower is looking to do or email us at . Then we will take it from there.

What paperwork do you need to start?

It starts with a discussion over the 877.451.1641. We will discuss the chances that we can place your deal with a lender, then we will have you fill out a loan application. Please call us at 877.451.1641 or email us at .

What rate and fees can my clients expect?

Points, rates and fees depend on the borrower credit, experience and loan scenario. Once a pre-approval is established, your borrower will have to pay for an appraisal, directly to the vendor for the service. The appraisal fee varies with property type. Title fees will also be paid directly to the title company at close. Some lenders are okay with borrowers choosing their own title company, others will have their own vendors they prefer to use, especially for refinances. Please call us at 877.451.1641 or email us at to discuss your scenario details and determine initial fee estimates.

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